Printed ribbon, also referred to as personalized ribbon, is fantastic for occasions, holidays, company
branding, and a variety of other uses. Our skilled artisans produce our custom ribbons in our warehouse
for unrivaled quality. Personalized satin ribbon, textured polyester ribbon, and ribbon with
custom logos are just a few of the ribbons that House of Creations provides. If you need ribbon for
product branding, business advertising, or retail packaging, order our custom ribbon with your
brand’s artwork or logo.

Custom Ribbon with Logos

A customized ribbon with your logo and brand on it is a fantastic, professional way to advertise your
company. Customized ribbon is the ideal marketing tool, whether you’re using it to decorate a
business-related event or give gifts to both potential and current customers.

Custom Ribbon for wedding programs

Wedding programs with a decorative and unique touch can be made with custom ribbon. You can
create a thoughtful, personalized ribbon to tie around your wedding programs by picking a color
that goes with your theme, adding the names of the happy couple, and adding the wedding date.

Printed Ribbons for Birthdays

Use our personalized ribbon as a fun balloon tie for your upcoming birthday celebration. You can
create an adorable balloon string or bow right away by tightly wrapping a strand of personalized
ribbon around a helium-filled balloon that has already been knotted.